If you were to give one piece of life advice to someone, what would it be? For me, it would be to live boldly.

To me, living boldly means speaking the truth of who you are. Acting with intention. Believing you can do what you set your mind to. It means taking chances, putting yourself out there, and knowing you deserve a life that you love.

So: how does one live boldly?

Here are 100 ways! I hope these ideas inspire you to live a bold life that fulfills you.

1. Ask yourself: what does living boldly mean to you? Write down all of the ways you’d like to live boldly, and refer back to your list here and there.

2. Tell someone you love them.

3. Travel to a new place.

4. Go to a cafe, park, or other public place, and strike up a conversation with a stranger.

5. Make a list of things you want to do, but have been afraid to do. In other words, things outside of your comfort zone. Do one thing on this list each month. 

6. Join a club or class. (Some ideas: intramural sports, book club, spin class, yoga)

7. Try a new food.

8. Learn a new language.

9. If you’re upset with someone, let them know. Be vulnerable, share your thoughts and feelings, and aim to calmly and collaboratively resolve the conflict. (If the person is your significant other, check this post out.)

10. Journal. Write down your thoughts and feelings, and don’t hold back.

11. Ask for a raise (so long as you feel you’ve earned it!).

12. Cook a new dish.

13. Read a book about a topic you haven’t read before.

14. Make a new friend. (Some ideas: join Facebook groups, attend local events, download Bumble BFF [I actually did this, and some of the people I met have been friends for years now!])

15. Seize the moment. Don’t wait for tomorrow when you can act today. Some opportunities are once in a lifetime.

16. Start a side hustle.

17. Be intentional about the relationships you form with others. For example, if you’re on a first date, you can ask certain questions based on your love language that are designed to help you decide whether it’s a good match. Here’s where you can get those questions:

18. Never settle for less than you deserve.

19. Learn how to invest and save. (Some ideas: index fund, 401k, high yield savings account)

20. Dine alone.

21. Speak to a group of people about something you care about. (Some ideas: giving a toast, making a speech to an audience, or even just sharing your thoughts with a group of friends!)

22. Interview someone about their life story.

23. Think about a challenge you’d like to overcome, or a skill you’d like to build. Come up with an action plan to work on that challenge or skill.

24. Write on Medium. People can even clap for and comment on your stories!

25. Offer to help out on an initiative at work, such as a project in a different department or a team bonding activity.

26. Plan a party or get-together.

27. Wake up an hour earlier each day, and dedicate that hour to working on your goals.

28. Create a vision board. Look back on it whenever you need inspiration, motivation, or clarity.

29. Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep may not be “bold” itself, but it’s needed so you can feel energized and live boldly during your waking hours.

30. Buy something to take care of. (Some ideas: a plant, a fish, a dog)

31. When you make a mistake, own up to it. Forgive yourself, and always seek to grow and improve.

32. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

33. Don’t let self limiting beliefs hold you back from achieving your dreams. To get rid of such beliefs once and for all, check out the free cheat sheet below:

34. Don’t invest time in people who do not have a positive impact on your life.

35. Take the time to reflect on your life and your growth. (Some ideas: meditation, nature retreats, journaling)

36. Learn about a new culture.

37. Listen to podcasts on a variety of topics. Take note of the different ways people talk, and the range of perspectives they have.

38. Practice gratitude. Remind yourself daily of all of the good things in your life.

39. Spend more time with people you can learn from.

40. Embrace failure. See it not as a critique of yourself, but as proof that you’re learning, growing, and living boldly.

41. Believe in yourself and all that you are capable of. 

42. Exercise. (Some ideas: jogging, swimming, playing tennis, walking)

43. Eat foods that nourish and replenish you. 

44. Set a limit on screen time each day (e.g. watching TV, scrolling through Instagram on your phone, spending time on your laptop).

45. Make your mental health a priority. Check in with yourself regularly to assess how you’re feeling, and how you can best support yourself mentally and emotionally.

46. Walk downtown in a bustling city. 

47. Experience romantic love (here’s my take on what love feels like).

48. Watch Shark Tank, if you’re open to it! I personally love hearing the stories about entrepreneurs going after their dreams.

49. Limit unhealthy foods and alcohol. (My weaknesses? Carrot cake and craft cocktails. I’ll never cut these things out, but it’s all about balance!) 

50. Have thought-provoking conversations with your friends. Talk about life, love, goals, dreams, or whatever else!

51. Invest in yourself. (Some ideas: save up for an online course focused on personal growth, sign up for MasterClass, watch YouTube tutorials to learn a new skill)

52. Love yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for all other relationships in your life.

53. Look into productivity hacks to get you “more minutes back in the day.”

54. Be conscious of how you spend your time. Are you spending time on the things that matter most to you?

55. Set S.M.A.R.T. life goals, and check in regularly to keep track of your progress.

56. Get regular health check-ups (e.g. annual physical exam, women’s wellness exam, etc.). Taking charge of your health in my opinion is definitely part of living boldly!

57. Watch an inspiring TED talk.

58. Mail someone you haven’t talked to in a while a thoughtful card, or a small gift that reminded you of them.

59. Take the time to create an environment that you thrive in. Keep a clean space and home, and feel free to design your space in a way you like. A clean, organized space that fits your personality will set you up to live boldly!

60. Treat yourself. Put on a face mask, get a massage, sleep in, etc. We all deserve a break sometimes, so we can reset and feel refreshed to achieve our goals.

61. Try Turkish coffee. It comes in a tiny mug but packs a punch! And you can adjust the sweetness level, too.

62. Create a Pinterest account, and create a “life goals” board. Fill your board with photos and posts that speak to the kind of life you want to live (and are living!), such as experiences that excite and motivate you. For some initial ideas, follow My Bold Life’s Pinterest account!

63. Ask three people 1) one thing they like about you, and 2) one thing they feel you could work on. This requires some vulnerability, but will leave you with some positive encouragement and insights into how you can grow.

64. Go on a Meetup. I actually did this for a bar crawl shortly after moving to San Francisco, and I met so many great people! 

65. Wear something you wouldn’t normally wear. In other words, step outside of your “fashion comfort zone.” For example, I typically only wear black and neutral tones, and I recently bought a red leather jacket. I felt a little uncomfortable at first, but now I love the change!

66. Try a bunch of new hobbies until you find one you enjoy. 

67. Attend an open mic night. It’s a great way to witness others who live boldly, sharing their thoughts, feelings, and creativity with others. Chances are, it’ll inspire you to live boldly, too!

68. Set boundaries with others. Be clear on the kind of behavior you will and will not accept in your life.

69. Initiate. Go in for the kiss, be the first to clear the air after a disagreement, volunteer to help someone before they ask for it — the options are endless!

70. Incorporate things you’re passionate about into your life.

71. Go against the grain. If a bunch of people think one thing, don’t be afraid to think something else. In fact, it’s often thinking unlike anyone else that leads to innovation and great discovery.

72. Embrace your uniqueness. You are unlike anyone else in this world. You have unique strengths, perspectives, insights, and other values to share with the world. Don’t hold back!

73. Stand up for what you believe in.

74. Cry. Let it all out. There’s nothing wrong with emotional release, and it can often provide us that reset we need to pick ourselves up, stand tall, and move forward.

75. Don’t let others’ opinions or demands hold you back from achieving your dreams. 

76. Make peace with your past. Our pasts often include both good memories, and not-so-good memories that we’re still healing from. While we can’t change our past, we can use it as a source of wisdom that fuels our future.

77. Practice self-compassion. Every time you feel self-critical, ask yourself, “Would I talk this way to a friend?” Treat yourself with kindness.

78. Be open-minded and flexible. Life is filled with twists and turns, and unexpected surprises beyond our control. That’s okay! While uncertainty can sometimes make life challenging, it can make it beautiful, too. Focus on the things you can control, and roll with the punches.

79. Bond with your fellow humans. We’re all in this together, and there is great strength in unity. Nurture your relationships, help others, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

80. Celebrate your wins, big and small.

81. Express appreciation for others.

82. Find a scent that makes you feel good. For example, lavender essential oil calms and centers me. When I wear Chance by Chanel perfume, I feel empowered. What scent(s) put you in the right headspace to live boldly?

83. Be still. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the busyness of life, that it actually becomes hard to do this! Practice just being in the present moment.

84. Have a conversation with someone who disagrees with you. Ask them to share their perspective while you listen without judgment or critique. Truly seek to understand them.

85. Consider getting a life coach. They can often help you achieve greater clarity on your life goals, and then achieve those goals!

86. Take risks.

87. Read empowering quotes for a quick boost of “I can do this!”

88. Do a life audit. Which areas of life would you like to change? What things in your life are going well, that you’d like to keep doing? For an easy, fill-in-the-blank template for this, you can use the template below:

89. Don’t give up at the first sign of difficulty. Sometimes, we are far closer to achieving our goal than we even realize.

90. Be curious about the world. Ask questions. (I’ll admit, I was that kid growing up who asked, “Why?” in response to everything! My poor parents. That said, curiosity within reason is a good thing. 🙂 )

91. Have a child, if you’d like to and decide that’s what you want in your life! I haven’t had a child just yet, but I feel that’d be a huge and impactful way to live boldly. 

92. Take a cold shower.

93. Live abroad.

94. Spend time with others who live boldly. Spending time around like-minded people will help you live boldly, too!

95. Give your honest opinion when people ask for it, even if you feel it might not be what they want to hear (so long as you’re kind about it!).

96. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, check out these blog posts and other resources. They’re by some of the best writers I know on the topic of overwhelm.

97. Immerse yourself in nature. (Some ideas: hiking, snorkeling, helicopter ride over Hawaii’s volcanoes)

98. Dance in the rain.

99. Start a business of your own.

100. Worry less.

 I hope you enjoyed these ideas on how to live boldly, and would love to hear from you!

How would you like to live boldly? Let me know in the comments!

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