4 Crucial Steps to Find

(and Keep) a Committed Relationship

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this masterclass will reveal how to:

✔️ Attract the best matches for you

✔️ Get people to want to commit to you (instead of “keep things casual”)

✔️ Solve relationship problems without things leading to a breakup, and more

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Do you feel it’s tougher than ever to find (and keep) a good partner?


I get it! It’s not easy to find someone who is 1) a great match for you and 2) wants to build a life together. You may feel:

  • Burnt out from sooo many dates (if you’re single)
  • Confused when someone you had great chemistry with doesn’t want to pursue things further
  • Frustrated whenever someone “doesn’t want to label” your relationship or wants to “keep things casual”
  • Disappointed when a relationship doesn’t last (how could you have seen the signs sooner?), and
  • Doubtful about whether lasting love actually exists!

You feel like you’ve tried everything. You’ve done online dating. You’ve gone out to bars and put yourself out there. You’ve let friends set you up. You’ve given a few relationships a shot. And yet — nothing seems to work.

How can it be this hard to find one person who is kind, trustworthy, respectful, and ready to be with you?

Ugh. I wish the answer was simple! There’s so much that goes in to finding (and keeping) a love that works best for you.

But the good news is: love is definitely out there for you. And with this masterclass, you’ll discover exactly what you need to do to get it (without the overwhelm).

In This Masterclass, You’ll Discover:


A simple strategy to have more high-quality dates


The secret to stop attracting the wrong people for you


How to easily deepen your intimacy in a relationship


What thoughts hold you back from finding a committed relationship


The #1 thing to remember during a date


How to push through “communication issues” in a relationship

Samantha Finegan, relationship coach

Hey there! I’m Sam.

I believe everyone can have a happy, fulfilling relationship that lasts.

I’m a certified relationship and life coach. I also have tons of personal experience with dating and relationships.

In this free masterclass, you’ll discover how to avoid dating pitfalls, build attraction, motivate others to commit to you, and build a healthy relationship.

I can’t wait to help you step into the best chapter of your love life! Click the “reserve my seat” button to choose a time that works best for you.

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