You’ve done all the right things.

You work hard at your job. You make time for the people in your life. You keep your place clean (most days). Things seem pretty put together.

So why does it feel like there’s something missing?

You feel a little guilty for wanting more, but you still want it: a life where you can excel in your career without burning out; love without getting hurt beyond repair; and pursue your passions without fearing failure.

In short, you want a life that’s absolutely amazing. And you want to go after it, guns blazing.

But where do you start? What must change? Where do you find the courage to do whatever it takes? How do you keep going, when life sets you back?

I had a lot of questions, too. They were on re-play for years while I practiced as an attorney, dated the wrong men, maintained unhealthy friendships, and struggled to stay positive.

It wasn’t until I shook things up—in a big way—that my dreams became real. I now have a (non-legal) job I love, passions and relationships that fulfill me, and an eagerness to get out of bed each morning.

I want your dreams to become real, too. That’s why I launched My Bold Life. I coach people who are done waiting. Who want to get after their goals now. Who—with a little support, guidance, and courage—will finally become who they were meant to be.

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Together, we’ll make your dreams real.

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